Considering buying a Sansa clip

I’m looking to buy a new MP3 and I’ve shortlisted the Sansa Clip. I’ve read loads of reviews and I think it might be the one for me - although I’m a bit concerned about the number of reviews which mention battery probs. However, it does seem like a good little MP3 so I would just like to check a couple of things.

I’m a slightly elderly technophobe and I need a simple to use MP3. I’ll be mainly using it in the gym as well as out running and cycling. I will only be copying from my CD collection but will prob download some podcasts as well.

My two questions are

  1. My old MP3 was ok but it stored albums in a random manner and if I just saved individual favourite tracks they would appear on the MP3 in a totally different order. So, can I dictate the order in which tracks and/or albums appear on the Clip?

  2. Is the Clip suitable for my use (ie copying from CD and using for podcasts and so on as well as using in the gym etc)

Cheers for any replies - and I think having support forums is a great idea! :smileyvery-happy:

  1. Albums will appear in alphabetical order.  Songs within an album are ordered first by the track number (stored in an MP3 tag).

  2. I think the Clip would be suitable for your use.  Some people have said that it’s not as sweat-resistant as some other players, such as the iPod Shuffles, but I can’t say either way.  (Though I can say that I once sent a 1st-gen iPod Shuffle through the laundry, and it played perfectly fine after that. :wink:

The biggest problem people seam to have with the Clip is that it uses the information in the file tags and not the actual file name.  This means the when you rip your CDs you have to make sure this information is filled in or get another tag editor program to change the values later on.  Some folks have changed the info in the tags to change how the files are sorted on the Clip.  It’s up to you if that is too much effort to go through.  I’m just saying that there are ways to change the sorting order if you really want to.

Thanks for the replies! I reckon I’m now pretty much sold on the Clip and if I can change tags etc to get stuff in the right order then that’ll be fine. Since I posted my question, I also found another review forum where they were saying there’s a ‘Go’ list where you can put some favourite tracks, which sounds like a good option.

Rippers–the software that converts your CDs into computer files–often will search out the information to fill your ID3 tags automatically, if you are connected to the Internet; you can amend it if you want (misspellings drive me crazy) and then you’re done.  Once you start doing it, it’s just part of the process and adds little time, doing it when you rip or add your music.