How do i delete old songs

How do I delete old songs off my player i tried going thru computer but not showing them only ones i downloaded from this computer.

It would help if you said what model player you have . . .

Ah, a clue! You mention that files can only be seen that were transferred from “this” computer. On the device, change the USB mode then reconnect. You will see the “phantom” music files.

Files transferred in MTP mode cannot be accessd while connected in MSC, and vice versa, due to the way the player’s USB controller is set up. Simple solution, switch the USB mode as found on the device under Settings / System Serrtings / USB Mode.

After plugging in using the alternate mode, be sure to revert the device to the previous mode so you can access all of your music files.

The sample music tracks on the device are transferred using MTP mode (where the device is seen as a “media player”. Many folks were puaaled when those sample tracks couldn’t be accessed, if their computer was using MSC (where the device is seen as a basic storage device). If Auto Detect is selected, on some computers, it will flip to the alternate mode. Select the USB mode manually.

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  1. In the Music app, find the name of the song, album, or playlist that you want to remove, and tap the More Options icon  .
  2. From the menu that appears, tap Delete.
  3. To remove the song, album, or playlists from only the device that you’re currently using, select Remove Download or Remove Downloads. The item stays in your library on all of your otherdevices.
    If you want to remove the item from your iCloud Music Library on all of your devices, tap “Delete from My Music.”


  1. In iTunes, rightclick the song, album, or playlist that you want to remove and click Delete.
  2. Choose Remove Download to remove the item for offline listening. The item will remain in your library on all of your devices.
    Choose Delete to delete the item completely, from your library on all of your devices.