Deleting Music


My MP3 Player doesn’t allow me to delete songs on it so when I put it into the computer-on the USB port- it’s supposed to tell me what songs I have and it doesn’t. It did for a bit then we got a newer version of Windows Media Player and now it doesn’t tell me my songs and I’ve tried every which way to try and find a way to delete my songs, but it just doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve tried things out and it unfortunately didn’t work to the extent of it deleting my voice recordings which upset me because it said DELETE ALL SONGS on my computer but only deleted them. Plus when I pressed RESET ALL on my MP3 Player it only reset my settings. Help please I’m at an end!

Thank you- LG

There are videos here for deleting songs in both MTP and MSC mode.
Also formating will delete all the songs.

Paul wrote:

Try this or paste it in your browser. Apparently I don’t
know all the tricks here :slight_smile: