how do I get the songs deleted?

Hello, I have a Sansa m230 it worked fine, had 19 songs on it, put 10 more on it worked fine, put 7 more on now the songs are all jumbled together and the screen says one song but playing another.  I followed the directions to delete the songs but it won’t work they are still there.  please help!

This must be a fairly common problem as I have found literally hundreds of questions online for this. It also seems that unfortunately there are few answers.

I have a m230 that I cant delete from. Songs do not show up in Windows Media Player and when I look on the drive, even with hidden files shown, there are no songs to delete. Even deleteing all the files seems to do nothing. I have a 512mb drive of which 300mb is used and no way to remove the songs.

In my opinion, any piece of hardware that can accept a file needs to be able to delete it itself.

what if the player is formatted and the same thing is tried again?