Deleting old music from e200 MP3

I have old music on my e200 which was synced from older computers from windows and now have windows 7, but the library on my e200 will not show when I go to My Computer and select my e200.  Any suggestions to make the playlist of albums appear so I can select and delete ?  Thanks

Try switching the USB Mode (Settings menu on your player). Try both MTP and MSC.

My settings menu does not offer a USB mode option ?  Format ?

If you don’t have a USB mode option, you have a (very) old firmware. You can update the firmware without losing your files, so you should then be able to switch modes and find your files. Just check the “User Guides/Firmware/Software” forum for the appropriate topic.

You can also “force” MSC mode:

MSC mode instructions:

  1. Turn off the e200 v2
  2. Put the device in Hold (move Hold button until orange is showing)
  3. Press and hold the Left Button
  4. Plug the 30 pin connector into the device (be sure the USB is plugged into the computer)
  5. Wait for the e200 drive(s) to show up in Windows Explorer.