How do I delete an entire album from my Sansa Fuze?

My Fuze came with albums that I don’t particularly like, and I cannot figure out how to delete them.  I can delete individual songs, but that takes a long long time.

With the player’s interface, you can only delete individual files one-by-one. But you can connect the player to your PC and then use Windows Explorer (or whatever) to delete entire folders if you like.

Note that Sansas support two USB connection modes, MTP and MSC. You can generally change this under “Settings” (you may need to do a firmware update to enable this selection). MTP mode is a creation of Microsoft, so it’s not commonly used on non-Windows systems. MSC mode makes your player appear to be just another external drive. Files transferred in one mode aren’t visible on your PC while connected in the other mode (but all files are always visible to the Sansa), so you may need to switch modes to find all the files you want to delete.

Also, you posted on the wrong board. This is where helpful “How-To” videos are supposed to be. The Fuze board is the very next one down the list.

Oops, on the wrong board. 

However, most of the things you say are just gobbledygook to me, I’m afraid.  I don’t know what MTP, MSC or firmware mean.  

Switching modes is quite beyond me, as I have no idea what this means.  

Is there a response that might be more appropriate for someone who is not a computer whiz, like me?  Many thanks.  

When you get to the Fuze forum, there is an FAQ that explains a lot