Deleting An Album

Hi - Is there a way to delete a whole album at once instead of just a song at a time from the Fuze?  I know you can delete through the computer but I don’t know which folder to delete the album from so that it won’t show up at all.  Is there a special setting the Fuze has to be on to delete from the computer?  Thanks.

Depends on how the music was put on. Content added while in MTP mode is not visible while connected in MSC. And vice-versa.

If you’re not sure which mode you put the music on in (but you really should), connect in one and look. If you don’t find it, un-plug, switch modes and connect again. You should be able to find it. And if you used the same file hierarchy as Windows and just transferred folders, it should be a piece of cake to find the files you want using the ARTIST/ALBUM/SONG system.

Then it’s just a matter of highlighting the ALBUM folder and pressing the DELETE button on your keyboard. :wink:

Ok-thanks for the help!

Deleting an album (or even an artist) all in one go was a useful feature on the Rio Karma, and it would be nice to see that on the Sansa too.