Deleting songs that came on the device

How do I delete songs that were on the device when I purchased it? The web site says that in playback mode press delete. I have no idea what they mean by playback mode and I do not see a delete option.

Thanks for your help.

Playback mode means while you’re playing the song. Push the menu button (at the bottom of the wheel, like a 6 on a clock) and you’ll see the options. 

But if you want to get rid of all of them at once–and EVERYTHING ELSE YOU HAVE PUT ON, so make sure they are not our only copies–then just go to Settings/System Settings and Format. It will erase all the content–but don’t worry, it will leave the firmware. 

The easiest way is to use the player’s menu to format the player. This will also delete any music you put on the player though. If you don’t plan to put any protected music on the player  I suggest that you use the player’s menu to switch the USB mode to MSC. I suggest that you format the player first(assuming you have copies on your pc of music you may have put on the player) so that all of the music that will be on the player will be transferred in MSC mode.