deleting playlists

How do I delete a playlist from my sansa disk? I don’t see an option for that on the device itself but when I connect it to my computer and look under “playlists” folder it says it is empty.

any ideas!

thanks. I read some previous posts on this topic but none were helpful.

If you have a playlist showing up as <Empty>, either the format of the playlist os unrecognized, or the path to the songs (files) is incorrect.

If this is a playlist you manually created and transferred to the player while the player was connected to your computer, the only way to remove it is re-connect to your computer and delete it.

If you give us some information about the palylist, the format, how you created it, etc. maybe we can help you with getting it to work. :wink:

  1. Hook your Fuze to your computer using the Fuze’s USB connector cord. A notification appears in the bottom-right of your PC’s screen.
  2. Click the removable drive notification in the taskbar to view the contents of your Fuze. A folder opens. If you do not see a notification, click “Start” and “Computer” and click your Fuze’s drive.
  3. Click “Playlists” from the folder. A list of playlists appears.
  4. Hold “Ctrl” and click each playlist you wish to delete.
  5. Press “Delete” and click “Yes to all” to delete all selected playlists.

Good luck. 

Seems I mis-read the original post. If you cannot find any playlists in the Playlists folder, try looking in the Music folder. Depending on the format of the playlist files, they could be stored in either location.