Stupid Freakin Playlists.

OK Maybe Im having a stupid day, but Is there a way to delete a playlist and have it delete all the songs on that playlist? For instance I have a playlist of Christmas music, I am ready to get rid of it, Do i have to go in and manually delete the playlist file, and then remember the songs on that playlist and delete them too? Or is there a way to do this in one step?

WMP11, Media  Monkey v3,

Fuze 2g, 2g SD, Vista PC

Rename the file to .bat and put the word del at the beginning of each line?

You’re going to have to delete the song seperately.  I don’t even think you can do what you’re describing in Windows.

I suspect you can just pull up the playlist on the Fuze and delete each song in it one-by-one.  I haven’t messed with playlists very much yet.

If you are talking about deleting both the playlist file and also the song files themselves, then you’ll have to delete both. Deleting the playlist does only that; deletes just the playlist file. You’ll have to go through and delete the song files separately. Quicker & easier to do on the computer, rather than using the on-board DELETE SONG function.

In the future, or now for next year, consider putting all of your Christmas collection on a micro-SD card. A 2GB card should be sufficient. They are really in-expensive now. I’ve got about 20-30 CD’s worth (didn’t really count them) totalling 324 songs ripped at 256 kbps on one. 17 hours worth of holiday tunes. And if you create an .m3u playlist, it will be stored in the MUSIC folder (or root) of the card, so it will automatically pop up on your player when you insert the card. And it won’t be there when the card is out. You just have to remember where you stored the card in a year from now. :wink:

Alternatively, you can also rename the GENRE field in the ID3 tags of the seasonal songs to ‘Christmas’, and then just play that genre when the season rolls around again. Does the same thing as a playlist. And it’s very simple to do in MP3Tag. :smiley:

I read through some of the solutions in the Forum but I cannot get the Playlists to leave my player. I deleted the playlists and the files from the Sansa Playlists folder in My Computer, but I still have 4 completely empty playlists on my fuze and I can’t figure out how to clear out the whole Playlists section. I even tried completely deleting the whole Playlist folder in My Computer but still no luck. Any advice please??

Thanks in advance for any help!

I sync w/ JRMC13.  All I have to do is uncheck the box next to the playlist in the options screen then hit sync.  That will delete the playlist and all songs that are on that playlist but not on any other playlists.

I had the same problem deleting playlists from my Fuze.  I had them in the MUSIC directory.  When I deleted the .m3u file the playlist still appeared in the Playlists menu.

Finally discovered that the file manager program I was using (in Linux) was moving the .m3u file to a hiden folder (.trash) rather than getting rid of them completely.  The Fuze still found the “deleted” file when it parses its directories.

When i searched for hidden folders and deleted the .m3u file again (or selected “remove deleted files” on the file manager software) it all worked perfectly - no more empty playlists.

Hope this helps

The genre tag is often overlooked. As Tapeworm pointed out, it can be a very valuable tool.

Well, what I would do is put all my Christmas songs into one “album” (That would also save me from the playlist, which I don’t really use at all) on the Fuze, so when you are ready to delete it, just plug it in and delete that album.