How to Delete Play List on Sansa Fuse

Hello. How do you delete a created playlist on the Sansa Fuse. Not the songs to the playlist, unless that’s how you delete the playlist but don’t want to delete the songs. Only the created playlist. I used mediaMonkey to create the playlist on the Fuse. thanks

Do you sync using mediamonkey?  If you do you will need to remove the playlist from the sync options for the device.

If not, navigate to the playlists folder using explorer and delete the playlist file.  You can’t do it on the device (to my knowledge).

Thank you. Yes, I do sync with MediaMonkey. Also, I used the Now Playing window to create the playlist, so it is titled “Now Playing” in the SansaFuse playlist folder; can you change the name of

of the “Now Playing” to something else without breaking the links to the songs. I would prefer to just keep using the Now playing window to create playlist in the Fuse if possible.

Just go into the playlist folder and rename the file.  However you will still need to check your sync settings in mediamonkey.

Hello-I have a similar problem attempting to delete a playlist. I have a 4 GB Fuze and attempted to sync a playlist to it and could download 7 of 17 songs because my drive was full after 7 songs. I deleted 12 songs from other playlist and all songs from the partial installed playlist. This worked out ok but I cannot delete the playlist’s title. Is there a way to do this? I am going to attempt to sync the complete playlist on the Fuze. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade with WMP 12. Thanks. Wardell1

Hello-I can format my Sansa Fuze 4GB to delete playlists  and reinstall from WMP12 9 of the 11 playlist to avoid exceeding the 3.6 GB limit. Is there a ny other methods to perform this task? Also,is it possible to drag multiple playlists to the sync list prior to syncing?

how do i get the music off my sanza fuze or how do i delete whats allready on it

@bigfrogdog wrote:

how do i get the music off my sanza fuze or how do i delete whats allready on it

Although your question is off topic for this thread, the easiest way is you’re wanting to remove everything is to format it from the Settings menu.

Otherwise, if you want to just remove a few files you can open up the player in Windows Explorer, navigate to the files you want gone, highlight them and press the DELETE button on your keyboard.