Deleting multiple files

Has anyone figured out how to delete multiple files at once rather than one by one?


Multiple file deletion is only possible from the PC side of the equation.  The interface of the Fuze is designed to delete the active file only.

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Pardon my ignorance, I just got the device and the manual was written in you know where.  But when I sunk up the device again I got multiple copies of the remaining files.  So what is the method of removing the files on the PC in order have it translate to the files on the Fuze?

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More info: I dont know if there was supposed to be another method as I just did a drag and drop sync using the Media Converter.  Is that the right way to explain it.  Therefore there is nothing in the PC other than my actual files, correct.  There is no sync folder. Therefor no way to delete other than one by one. Disaster, right>

Bad idea in the design if this is correct, hopefully not? 

Use Windows Explorer.

Assuming you are using Settings->USB Mode=MTP or Auto, when you connect the Fuze to a PC, you should get a ‘Portable Device’ window.

Choose ‘Open Device to view Files using Windows Explorer’

Your music files are in ‘My Computer\Sansa Fuze 4GB\Internal Memory\Music’

Your videos are in  ‘My Computer\Sansa Fuze 4GB\Internal Memory\Video’

And so on…

If you are using  Settings->USB Mode=MSC, the Fuze will appear as a removeable USB drive.  Your music will be in X:\MUSIC, etc etc… (X: depends on your particular PC config).

You can use Explorer to add, delete, and copy files to/from your Fuze. 

If you are connected in MTP mode, you can use it to creatre playlists too (select some music files or folders on the Fuze and right click).


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