How do I clear what is on the flash drive

I want to erase everything on it how do I do it

Delete all folders and files on it then empty the Recycle Bin.

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I am on a fire stick and I don’t have a computer can I do this from the fire stick thank you for the help

I have no idea but I suspect not. Find a friend, neighbor, library, coffee cafe with a computer and do it there.

I assume the fire stick allows you to record shows, does it not allow you to delete them?

From searching the web it sounds like there are file manager apps you can install on the fire stick, and they might support files on a flash drive also.

I do believe it’s working all right let me copy and transfer files to the flash drive and anything I download to my fire stick goes to the USB flash drive it’s a nice little flash drive actually I got the 128 thank you for all your help I used to use flash drives but I haven’t used them in a long time and I use them on a computer the fire stick seems a little different have a great day

I also want to know how do I clear what is on the flash drive and I am glad I have found your post in which I have found my answer. Now, I know that I have to delete all folders and files on it and then empty the Recycle Bin. Now, I can visit here to read essay samples for free so that I can complete my essay assignment. Otherwise I take a lot of time to complete my essay assignments.

Thanks for the suggestion.

You’re welcome.