recover deleted files

can someone please help me recover accidentally deleted files from a flash drive?


in that case there are several data recovery softwares that you can use. Sandisk recommends the Rescue Pro software to recover the files but also you can try the recuva or other softwares that you can find online.

Hello felici.

Try the apps shown on this page:  They are completely free.

Be VERY careful downloading random recovery apps you find on the 'net.  Most are “free to download” and “free to try” and then charge $39.95, or more, to actually recover your files.

Be careful next time.

To recover deleted files such as document files, photos, videos and audio files from USB flash drive you can follow the below solutions:

From Backup - If you have kept the backup of your files such as on your computer or on any other media storage device then you can restore your deleted USB data from there.

By using Data Recovery software – You can also go for specific data recovery software like Card Data Recovery tool. Read this - How to recover deleted files from USB flash drive? From here you can download the specific tool to restore your deleted files from USB flash drive.

Hope this may help you.

Its $49.95 for your Data Recovery app SPAMmer.

Here’s how you recover deleted files from SanDisk flash drive - recover files from sandisk flash drive

Hi, you may try RePicvid free photo recovery. It could restore deleted files from flash drive, such as photos, videos and audio files. 

Here is video demo about steps of pen drive file recovery:

Step 1. Download and install RePicvid

Step 2. Unplug flash drive into computer

Step 3. Launch RePicvid and select All File Types

Step 4. Scan flash drive for deleted filesand preview

Step 5. Recover those you want and save them

Hope it can help you.

Have you tried  data recovery tools? If you didn’t have a backup, data recovery tools are best choice. Search on Google, and you’ll find various data recovery tools, such as Bitwar, minitool, wondershare, etc. Maybe you can have a try.

Good luck.