How to rescue my videos back?

By mistake, yesterday, I just deleted some videos on my USB flash drive. But, all these deleted videos were made by my sister and were very precious and important. So, I just stopped using that USB drive and searched over the internet and wondered to find a practical way to get all these videos back. But, many people recommended me some data recovery tools. I know nothing about similar tool. So, I come here and ask for some suggestions. How can I get back my videos? If I really need a tool, which tool would be useful for me?

 I just stopped using that USB drive

An excellent approach.

searched over the internet and wondered to find a practical way to get all these videos back.

And I’m sure you found there are hundreds of tools for undeleting files.  And all free to download. Unfortunately 99% are not free to actually recover your files.  For that function they want $$$.

The 3rd posting in this thread will help.

The apps are free to download and free to run and free to recover your files.  If one doesn’t recover all your files try a different one.  Most are standalone, ie removing them once done using them is easy.  

Well done! It is absolutely right to stop using this USB drive, if you still want to get back your deleted videos.

And then, in your case, a data recovery tool is also necessary. But, in order to restore your videos back as many as possible, you should pay much attention to select a reliable one, like:

Overall, no matter which one you choose to use, you are supposed to scan your drive much more times for rescuing much more data back.

Note : Always back up all card or drive data timely in the future.

Let me see if I understand your posting.  It has a link and tt points to a page that says:

“The free USB recovery software can solve this problem.”

And that link takes one to:

which says:

" A lisence key will be sent to  you via email to unlock the demo immediately  after placing order. You don’t have to reinstall the program after purchase. Just activate the free trial with purchased code!"

And shows prices of $69.95 to $499.00!!

Your definition of “free” costs a lot Brook657.  Do you work for Icare or just do SPAM for them??

You should learn a lesson to always back up all important data on different drives or places, not only one drive.

But, now, before everything deleted on this USB drive is actually gone forever, you’d better get them all back with the help of some data recovery tools like Recuva, iCare Data Recovery Free and Power Data Recovery, etc.

PS: Do not write anything new on this flash drive in case that new files would rewrite your deleted data.