Hi, i'm from Argentina, spanish language, so i appologize...

Hi, i’m from Argentina, spanish language, so i appologize for my english!
My problem is this:
I own a sansa e 130. I’m happy to have one, but recently i started to work with MAC… and i discover that sansa and macs are not friends.
I copy and then paste a mp3 song (like i do with my PC) in MAC, and then when i eject the sansa player, this song doesn’t appears in it.
I want to know if there’s a way to do this… i don’t know if exists a software that synchronizes this or not. In PC the glorious COPY/PASTE. In MAC… don’t know.

I need a firmware ?
I need a particular software for synchronize ?

The file is a mp3. It is not an aiff or anything like that.

The mp3 IS IN the sansa, like a pendrive, but i can’t listen to in the sansa. Like i say it doesn’t appear !!


Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Hi, you can always try different mp3 files and the upgrade can be found on the sandisk site by going to http://www.sandisk.com/Retail/Default.aspx?CatID=1295

Thank you very much for the information. I downloaded the firmware and i actualize the sansa.
I found this for my problem, but still doesn´t work, i guess because is for another version of sansa. Is a script for patch in I tunes.
This is the www and the explanation for use it:


Butttttttt for use my sansa in MAC… still can´t do it.

Do you know another software stuff for download for my sansa?

Kissy, Maine.

I think the mp3 you have, are not real MP3s. 

Try a different MP3 file from a friend or family member, and see if that works.