I own a 2 GB Clip and my computer runs on Vista. There were two days I forgot to plug in my player before school. There are computers at my school, but they are Macs. The first day was fine, though the computer didn’t say it recognized the device(didn’t pop up or anything, not that it literally said it didn’t know what was plugged in) it was fine, I unplugged it and went on my way. The second time I forgot, I plugged it back into the Mac(with my old m230’s USB cord). When I unplugged it, it was stuck on the charging/transfer screen. When I turned it off, it just went black and did not do the customary Sandisk fade and goobye. When I turn it on it goes to the Logo/wlecome screen and nothing else, when turned off it just goes black. I plugged it in my own computer when I got home and it says  “USB Device not recognized: One of the devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and Windows cannot recognize it” when I unplug it, it sticks on the welcome screen.

Is there something I can do? My firend suggested a force restart program, but I can’t find one. I want to try and fix it before trading it in.

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From the manual:

If the Sansa
Clip player freezes up, slide the Power Button up and hold it for
approximately 15 seconds. This is like a power down of the device. Once you
perform the reset, the adjustments you made during the last operation will be gone.

Reset All
This will reset the player to its original factory settings.
1. Press Menu to return to the Main Menu.
2. Move to Reset All and select it.
3. Select Save to reset to factory settings or Cancel to stop.


This didn’t help, it just turns on/off and I can’t get to the menu( with the fact it freezes on the welcome screen)

My suspicion is that the database refresh routine on the Clip is crashing when it encounters some of the junk that Mac OS drops on the drive when connected…

Try again to connect (hopefully you are using MSC mode) under Vista or XP and delete any files and/or folders in the root directory of the Clip that begin with a period, also anything else that the Mac OS puts there, such as a hidden folder called “.Trashes” etc.

The ONLY folders you should see under MSC mode in Windows are:


There should be 4 files at root;


Anything else is suspect!

Note you may need to change some File View settings in Windows to allow showing hidden files & folders.

Of course if you cannot connect at all, it’s munched and you’ll need to return it…but first try connecting with the power switch/center button/plug in method of entering MSC mode (even if you have firmware '018) - hopefully there is a way to get connected in USB drive mode BEFORE the Clip tries to read the files and goes BOOM).

This problem desperately needs a solution…

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My player won’t go ito MSC mode, it just stops the computer from yelling at me that it can’t recognize the device. I noticed it cannot find the the Hardware Id, is there a way I can get that back?

Call SanDisk customer service …

There are a bunch of posts about this type of problem with MAC…did you do a search to find those posts with solutions for this?  If you did, you could easily solve this problem already.