Sansa Clip - unplugged from MAC prior to ejecting properly and stopped working

I was copying some music to the Clip and pulled USB cable without ejecting within the OS.  On power up the screen does not go past boot screen logo.  The Clip is not recognized on MAC or on PC.  I tried all FAQ suggestions, but no improvement.

Any ideas?  Is there a way to force the device to connect to a PC and give me the ability to download new firmware?


Try holding down the centre button when you connect to force MSC mode; if that doesn’t work, hold power for ~30 seconds to reset.

I have the exact same problem.  My 2gb 2008 model was working pefectly fine before I decided to plug it into a MacBook so I could charge it today.  The MacBook said I didn’t have any songs on it, which is completely wrong, so I then chose to “safely remove hardware”.  When I unpluged it, the “connected” screen was frozen.  I held the power button up for 20 seconds to reset it and now when I boot it up it just freezes at the “Sandisk Sansa” intro screen.  The MacBook only recognizes the clip’s existence when I connect it while holding the center button and when it’s in lock mode, but that doesn’t fix the problem of freezing at all.

Does anyone have a solution to this?