I have a Sansa Connect and I am trying to get the Wifi…

I tried this but it didnt help.

Please tell me another way!!


If you’re unable to get the “Recovery Needed” screen (as I think you mentioned in either one of your other threads, or in a private message to me), then either you’re not following the sequence in the instructions correctly, or your Connect is damaged.

Displaying the “Recovery Needed” is a function of the way you hold the buttons on the Connect, and doesn’t require installation of the Recovery Tool.

You’ll probably need to contact Sandisk support to determine whether there’s another way of updating the firmware.  No one has ever posted a different method, other than using the Recovery Tool, in this forum.  Note that the Sansa Connect is no longer supported, but you may be able to get a tech support person who’ll help you out.

It really isn’t useful to post the same question to multiple threads in this forum.

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There’s no other way to update the firmware… if it still under warranty, you may call sandisk and ask for a replacement