Help with New Flash Drive

I am not a computer guru! My son was my tech adviser and he died from cancer last year. I am trying to learn what I can! I wish I had a good local teacher! 

Someone bought a ScanDick Cruzer Glide USB Flashdrive for me… it is 8 gb…


Problem is: it is much more complicated the the other one I have been using. I do not know how to set it up. I do not understand the “vault”.


I did try recently to set it up but did not understand what more to do so I put it aside. I need more space to store documents on and wanted to get this one working. I have no idea what to do now. 

Am I a lost cause on this? 

LOL  No, you are not a lost cause.  We all start off knowing nothing, it’s not ingrained or inherited.


My suggestion, don’t use SecureAccess.  There’s no requirement that you do.  When you plug the flash drive in, use Windows Explorer to copy files to and from it not SecureAccess.  In fact to prevent it from interfering with your needs, you can delete it.  In fact delete all the SanDisk files on the flash drive then you should be fine.

BTW VERY sorry to hear about your son.  No parent should out live a child.

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Thank you so much! I deleted the programs on it like you said… took me a while to figure that out! LOL! 

Glad I joined this forum! I do appreciate the help! 

Thank you to for the kindness regarding my son!!   :smiley:

He was only 30. My other son cared for him when he was in the hospital since I am not able to do much due to health problems. He was there with him at his side at the moment he died. And now he is going to be a daddy for the first time this November! 

Last year lost a son. This year gain my first grandson (grandchild)! Yes, we know that for sure!

Again, thank you!

Get use to your new name, Gramma, cause you’re going to be hearing that a LOT in about a yr.  :wink:

:laughing: Thanks again!! 

Take care!!