Secure Access Mgr PROBLEMS for Cruzer Glide 32 GB

I purchased the Cruzer Glide 32 GB USB Flash Drive yesterday at Radio Shack. I explained to the employees that I was trying to move music to an old Dell Tower running XP to a new Dell Tower running Windows 7. I first bought an EZ Share Cable and tried moving the music files that way, but the computers never recognized each other. I’m trying to move music so I can use a new ipod for the 4th of July bbq, and I went to RS on July 3rd.

The employees recommended that the biggest little flash drive would be the easiest answer. I  bought the Cruzer Glide 32 GB, loaded it with about 29 Gigs of music files (took MUCH longer than expected, but maybe that was because of the old computer) then plugged the Glide into my new computer, expecting an easy transfer onto a new desktop folder.


Every time (8? 9?) I open the secure access manager, view the files in the vault, then try move the files. Almost as soon as I move the files I get the following error message: “RunSanDiskSecureAccess_Wini has stopped working  A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and will notify you …” along with a “close program” button.

Now I have a flash drive full of music, but no way to get it on to my new computer.  Will someone please help me …and before you tell me to remove the software, reboot computer, reinstall the software and try again…I’ve tried this twice already. Doesn’'t work. PLEASE HELP!

Do you have to use the Secure Access software? Why not just use it as an ordinary flash drive? Copy the files to the drive, then plug into the new computer and copy them over.

Exactly.  If you didn’t use SecureAccess to load the files, and why would you, you don’t need it to access them.  So if it doesn’t run, who cares.

OK, I’m gonna plug the glide back into my old computer, delete all the files and try to load it WITHOUT using the secure access manager. I’ll report back. Thanks for your speedy replies.

This worked. Didn’t need to use the secure access software…not sure why I thought I HAD to use the software, but I did. I stripped the flash drive of all the software (which opened up a little less than two more gigs) and its working as a transport vehicle for all my music. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR GETTING BACK TO ME.

Have a very happy July 4th Hoiday…

Thank you for the update.  :smiley: