64G Cruzer Glide

Hello, first timer here. Admittedly not overly versed in hardware/software issues so forgive me if I seem like I don’t know what I’m talking about. So, I bought the 64g Cruzer Glide a month ago. Xferred about 50g worth of video and stuck it in a drawer as a secondary means of backup. I plugged it in today to add files and none of the content will play in any media player. All of the files are there but its looks “blank” if that makes sense. For instance, instead of the files names appearing under each file there are just numbers displayed (1-55), it shows the amount of KB for each file but under file type is just says “file”. So it’s sorta like the files are there, it displays the size of the files but nothing will open them. I hope this makes sense to someone!!  

did you use secure access to ancrypt the files? if so you ahve to access the files through secure access. If not post a screen shot. 

DrLucky, well I told ya I was computer illiterate, ha!..For some reason it was not prompting me to sign in when I plugged in the drive. After some screwing around I finally found a log in area. I forgot I even created a password for this. Such a simple resolution. Thanks so much.

I forgot I even created a password for this

Fortunately you didn’t forget the password that you used.  :wink:

Unfortunately Ed, I use the same password for everything (or fortunately in this case?). How’s that for a computer no-no. 

It depends on the password.  123456 or things like your name, phone number, birthdate are not a good idea, but something a little more clever like:  1H4t3Dum694ssw0rds!  can work.  

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