I have a cruzer glide/64gb capacity. I have a question about the "system folder" in the software

I bought this because I have files that I want to keep secured.  Isn’t that what most people want when they buy such a device?  If I just needed 64 gigs of space I could buy a media card.  So I bought this with the expectation that it was fairly empty except for a few command folders, and that is all anybody would see should it get into the wrong hands.

But no.  After I moved about 6500 files into the vault, I discovered I had the same number of .dat files sitting in the unencrypted area.  I know they are encrypted and can’t be coded in any way to read them (at least that’s a high hope, maybe not so?).  If somebody found a single file on it, they wouldn’t be too interested.  But 6500!  Owned by a guy who works in a security firm!  It must be something worth a few bucks to try to get the files decrypted.

WHY does there have to be a system file sitting right out in the open showing 6500 of anything?!?!?!

Is there a way to hide the .dat files so if, say, I were to lose it at a concert and someone picked it up, they could plug it into a usb port and see nothing but a vault to click on?

That’s what I’d like to see when I plug it in to my laptop.  Just the vault.  No PDF files, no tutorials, and especially no system file folder showing every file that’s inside the vault.

Is this possible?

thew .dat files are the encrypted data base files. They cannot be decrypted without the password. this is the design of the software. the .dat files cant be hidden. Other than those you can delete anything else pdf etc.