New 32GB Cruzer Glide -RunSanDiskSecureAccess_Win

Please tell me there is a way to retrieve my info from RunSanDiskSecureAccess_Win. It is some very, very important info on this flash drive. Do I need a hacker? Please help me!!

Sure.  Execute SecureAccess, enter the password you created, see your files in the SecureAccess window.  If the password doesn’t work, maybe you have someone else’s drive, by mistake. 

I definitely dont have anyone else flash drive. I wrote the password down and threw the paper away. I just purchased the flash drive this past Saturday

Get a good night’s sleep.  Take a shower in the morning and the password will come to you.  It hasn’t been that long since you created it.

So, I guess I need to find a hacker.

It will be quicker for you to go thru the trash where you threw the password paper away or to make another copy of the original files.

I’m not positive but I think the files get deleted after 4 or 5 attempts with a wrong password.

It was a public trash and it had not deleted the file after more than 8 tries. This has not been helpful, at all. All that you suggested, I did prior to sending this request for help. I know a hacker and he can access the info

" I know a hacker and he can access the info"

Excellent.  Have him write down the password for you so you don’t forget it again.

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