HELP!! Why won't Itunes work with my Shaker?

I have plugged into my itunes with the shaker and it doesn’t acknowledge the device.  Having problems on Rhaposdy too.  When I searchd for the device on thier list it show many many Sansa products but no Shaker.  Very frustrating since I was able to load on of his cds on it but now can’t load his cd’s or even music I paid for on either service.  I would realy just like to use itunes so…Is there a way to get itunes to acknowledge anything besides an Ipod??? HELP!

i can tell you that the musc you bought wont work on the shaker, it has DRMs on it. The shaker does not support DRMs if im not mistaken.

please do a search first and save us the bother of doing it for you

here’s what i found

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songs purchased from itunes or any other online stores w/c has drm wont work in the shaker, include wma formats on the list.

the sansa shaker cannot support songs with DRM’s and the shaker can only play a song with MP3 file type and WAV. Purchased songs will not play on the device

sansa shaker can only support an MP3 and WAV  format…if you dont have this you  need to convert it first…try to check  on google theres lot of songs converter and so easy to use then try uploading it on your shaker.