Help! What's Wrong with My Fuze?

I had my Fuze playing on the radio when it cut off. Now the ring around the scroll is glowing but the screen’s gone black. What does that mean? What do I need to do? How can I fix it?

The 1st thing to always try when something weird like this happnes is a reset. Slide the spring-loaded power switch on the side up as if you were turning on the device, but hold it in the upper position for 20-30 seconds. It will probably shut down before the time is over, but continue to hold it up for the entire count.

Now, release it and then slide it up momentarily to turn it on and see if it will start up normally. If it doesn’t, then post back giving us any and all details you can and we’ll try other things.

Reset the player. Hold the power slider in the up position for 30 seconds.

Thanks, that fixed it.