Help transferring music on to all three of my fuzes

Please bear with me…I’m not a geek or very tech savvy.  Since the upgrade(seems to be a common thread), when I transfer music on to all three of my fuzes the new music seems to only show artist, song title and album title and then jumps to next song.  Sometimes I get lucky and am able to reload the music back on the players, sometimes not and I have to reburn the music to my computer and try again.  HELP.  I run Vista and use Windows Media Player to load the music.  Any suggestions?

That’s how the Fuze behaves when it sees a file it can’t read–often an .m4a file like the ones iTunes makes. But it could be any kind of file the Fuze doesn’t know, or a file that tells it not to play. 

I don’t know why this would change with the upgrade, but maybe Windows Media Player is getting obnoxious because you are making multiple copies. 

You may have to copy your albums onto your computer again, so I’m hoping you have the CDs. If you do, erase the copies that are there–in your computer and on the Fuze–and try this:

Look in your Windows Media Player settings under Rip Music (right-click on it, or right-click directly on the upper left where it says Windows Media Player to see Tools and then Rip Music). Make sure the box that says Add Copy Protection is unchecked.

Or, hey, better yet , change the format from .wma (which is what’s probably there now) to .mp3. Make it good quality, 192 kbps or above.  An .mp3 file will never give you this kind of trouble, and it plays on more different kinds of players, too. 

The reason to do this is that Windows Media Player is trying to accommodate the record companies and “protect” them from having you make copies.  It can do this in its own kind of file, .wma (Windows Media Audio) but not in good old universal .mp3.

[Another possibility is that because you changed the firmware, Windows Media Player thinks it is a whole new device–and again, it’s protecting the files because it thinks you are trying to distribute them. It’s just the kind of stupid thing WMP would do–but I’m only guessing here.] 

I know it looks complicated, but if you change that Rip Music setting and redo the albums it should work. If it doesn’t let us know. 

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Cool, thanks.  Not looking forward to reloading to all the music, but it works.