help please!

My daughter washed her sansa clip. what are the chances of it drying out and working? I think i already know, but wanted to ask before i pitch it in the trash. Thanks!

Depends on whether there were abrasives in the wash.  If it is just water, then it should be fine, just let it dry out a week or two in a warm (not hot, and definitely not in the sun) area.

If there were abrasives, I’m less certain, but I would probably run it under clean water for a few minutes, hopefully washing off any chemicals, and then let it dry, but I can’t guarantee any action, as I’ve never cleaned my electronics with anything other than a dry cleansing cloth, unless otherwise noted in the owners manual.

it went through the washing machine, tide and oxyclean. rinsed. I am going to put it up for a couple weeks. I will post the results. crappy way to test it. lol.

Do a search on “water”, “washing machine”, “pool”, “wet” & you’ll discover this happens quite frequently. Just DON’T do what most people do & try to turn it on to see if it works before you let it dry thoroughly! I can’t speak from experience with the Clip as I have 2 e200 series players, but if you can take it apart (even partially) to dry it, that would certainly help. I seem to recall reading a post recently that included a link to either photos or a video showing how to dis-assemble a Clip. It may have even been on another board, anythingbutipodor lodist. Check it out, you should be able to find it.

Rinsing it good to remove any soap & water mineral residue will help prevent any corrosion and/or connection issues now and in the future. Use distilled water. You can then put it in front of a fan, or in a food de-hydrator unit (if you have one), or even bury it in a sealed container containing plain un-cooked dry rice to absorb the moisture (no Uncle Ben’s though; it’s “converted”, meaning it’s already been pre-cooked to remove the starch so it doesn’t stick together. You want this starch so it absorbs the ambient moisture).

Good Luck & let us know what you did and if it worked.  :smiley:

My girlfriend dropped hers in the pedicure water solution bucket and it worked after letting it dry for a couple days.  Good luck.

Except now it smells like . . . yechh! . . . her dirty feet! :smileyvery-happy:

Yes…a little stenchy.

Distilled water rinse; shake out as much water as you can; and then let it dry in a nice, warm place for numerous days–you’re going to be just fine, I can feel it.  :slight_smile: