help me i'm desperate

Hi, I hope you can help me. Yesterday I bougth the sansa clip+, I connected it to my laptop, and I removed it probably not  100% charghed, then I listened to some music until it turns off, finished the power. But now when I connect to the pc it doesn’t charge, the pc doesn’t recognise it and even the screen doesn’t turn on, in other words nothing happens when i plug in it.
I tried to reset or to change usb port with no success. Sorry for my poor english, I’m italian.

Try plugging it into a rear usb port on a desktop PC.  And leave it there for at least overnight.  The PC’s rear usb port will provide more power than a laptop’s.

Sometimes, after fully discharging the player, it needs to be plugged into a power source for an extended period of time for it to “wake-up” and show some signs of life.

you give me a hope, thank you mags

But I want to know, is it possible to disconnect the player during its very first charging before it reach 100%  or it’s an action that compromise the sansa life? 

That should not have done any harm to the battery.   It’s better to fully charge the battery the first few times though.