HELP!!! m240!!Only plays voice records??

Please ANYONE HELP ME!:cry: I just got the m240 from a friend and it worked perfect. Today I tried connecting it to my computer and Windows Media Player recognizes it and automatically pops up on the screen BUT… it only shows my voice recordings and not the music downloaded to it:angry: I’ve spent all day downloading drivers and users guides for it but that doesnt fix the problem!!! I have windows xp professional with sevice pack 2 (if that helps) Oh yeah when i plug it in, a balloon on my toolbar pops up and says “Hi-speed usb device attached to non hi-speed hub” device will function at reduced speed. Please if anyone knows anything about or related to this headache please let me know. Thanxs a million…BayAreaBeauty:neutral_face:

Try Changing modes. You can only access songs that were downloaded
to the player in the mode they were transferred. On your m240 go
to the Settings on your Menu. Find USB and switch from
Auto-Detect/MTP  to MSC or vice versa. Now see what shows
up on your computer and let us know what happens.

Thank you so much for your input i’m gonna try it and let you know!