Help: Fuze distorts the sound when display turns off


since a few days I own my Fuze. Today I recognized the following problem:

when the display turns off the Fuze distorts the song. It is a little bit like stuttering, it is sound wrong.

When I keep the display turned on (by clicking buttons or so) he playes the song in good quality.

The EQ is set to standard.

Did anyone experienced the same problem? 

I don’t know what to do, is it a individual problem of my device (defect?) or maybe a general problem? Should I return it or should I exchange it?

Thanks in advance,


Some people seem to be having this problem with the latest firmware (01.01.15) (I haven’t seen this problem at all on my own Fuze). Did you upgrade your firmware? If so, try downgrading to the previous version of the firmware. If you haven’t upgraded, then try upgrading anyway, maybe it will help (and you can always go back to the previous firmware).

This problem is fixed in the next firmware due out within a few days.

TO get around it,  just set the equalizer settings on the custom eq to anything other than 0,0,0,0,0

Thanks to both of you! Great forum!

Sansafix, you are my hero! Yes, this solved by problem.

Two questions:

  1. are you absolutly sure, that a new firmware will be released?

  2. Ok, I will use the custom eq as work-a-round. How should I set the custom eq to accent the bass a little bit? (I like punkrock and it sounds best with bass. But the standard eq was fine for me :) 

Thank you very much!


I am sure a new firmware will be released. 

You can set the eq to 1,1,1,1,1  and it will be completely flat or you can tweak it to boost some bass if you like. Its all personal preference.

I boost the bass to 6, mid to 0 and treble to 4 (do the other ones so that it is a curve) and it sounds good! I haven’t experienced this issue, maybe because I use CBR instead of VBR, isn’t that what causes the problem?

EDIT: I wasn’t thinking. Maybe I haven’t had this problem because I use the custom EQ?

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Correct.  But good news is this problem will be resolved very soon with the new update anyway.

I’m sure a lot of people will be happy with that!