Help! 1TB portable SSD became unaccessable while I was playing a game on it

I was playing a game off my SSD when an error happened and disconnected the game. Thinking the internet blipped so I tried to reopen the game and it said “game.exe is not installed.” I was confused, I had the folder open so checked but when I clicked on the game.exe it said “windows does not have access to this file.” I clicked away to the my computer menu and the device is now showing up as “USB disk (d:)” instead of the default “SandiskExtreme55AESCSI” or whatever it is supposed to be and I can not navigate back to my folders. When clicked on it it says “Please install disk into USB Drive”. When I press properties is show “Sandisk Extreme 55AE SCSI” and “device is working properly” but all the volume data is missing. When I try to disk check it spits back “Disk check could not be performed because windows can not access disk.” It was configuring to download a few games and we were in the middle of playing Jackbox on Steam when something must have happened and it just stopped being recognized. I checked it on my 2nd laptop and it says the same things. I tested my 2 other Sandisk Extreme Portable SSDs and the computer recognizes them fine. Can someone help me figure out what happened?

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Hi @Umbrefox ,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting: