Sandisk Extreme Portable Pro suddenly not accessible in Windows 10

One of my Sandisk Extreme Portable Pro’s I use for backing up Photo’s and Video’s suddenly is not accessible anymore. It is being detected by Windows as an USB CD drive and a SCSI drive in the device manager.
In Explorer it sometimes shows up as a USB (F:) drive and sometimes as a CD drive (E:). In both cases refreshing every second. When I try to access any of them I get the message: “please put disk in drive F:” (or E:). All other (similar) drives work as they should.

I’ve tried:

  • Different cables
  • Different USB ports
  • Different Computers
  • Removing all related


Hi @M_W,

Please refer to the article Windows Or macOS Cannot Find My Drive (Drive is not detected by host system):

If further assistance is needed, please open a case with our support team at the following: