Headphone s crackle when headphone plug is rotated...

Hey all,

   I don’t have the issue of headphones not fitting in all the way - but when I use any headphones other than the sansa ones that came with the clip, when i rotate or move the plug, it crackles and cuts out…  any thoughts?  Haha, If i lick the plug then put it back in, its solved for a few minutes - which leads me to believe that after market headphones may have a jack that is just a bit too small…  any thoughts?




My hunch is that your jack is loose or that it’s your other phones–have had no such issues with mine.

No issues with either my 2GB or 4GB Clip.  Either it’s your headphone plug, or your Clip has a defect.

Wipe off the plug with alcohol & then twist it back & forth in the socket a bit. That should clean corrosion or crud off the contacts.

yah bout that …just get a pice of sandpaper and sand a little off the plug…then it shouldnt cracle any more…i do it to all sets even befor i try them…it does work…but only do it a little

I would NOT recommend sandpaper! No need for it when a solvent/contact cleaner should do the trick. You want to take off whatever gunk or film that is causing a conductivity issue. Alcohol works pretty well otherwise a name brand contact cleaner should be used. Most of the contact cleaner products have an agent that clean off oil & corossion & help keep the connection from deterioration again. No need to remove metal, which is what sandpaper does. Even if you don’t think you are hurting the metal with sandpaper, you are scratching the coating & actually creating a surface that can corrode more redily. Even a pencil erraser would be better than sandpaper!

Hello again,

    Thanks for the responses…  See, using alcohol works, or wiping it on my shirt works, however after about an hour of music, the crackling will return when the jack is moved.twisted.  It’s odd, because, like i said, after cleaning, i can’t even reproduce the crackling at all…  Odd…  This doesn’t happen with the OEM earbuds, just aftermarket sony and phillips headphones (in my case)


Try wetting the plug with alcohol & inserting it in the jack & then twisting it back an forth. You are trying to clean the contacts inside the connector. Insert it several times & spin it a bit & see if that cleans the connector. It looks like your problem is related to continuity, so try a stronger cleaner when you get some. Rat Shack may sell a contact claeaner & conditioner. That stuff can be used for a lot of things. so it is worth buying.

My crackle ended the moment I removed pause from radio.  It’s been 40 sraight minutes of WAV files with NO crackle at all . Has to be a connection. I hope it lasts.