Having trouble with syncing music

I have a sansa fuze+ and used to sync music to it with Windows Media Player but now when I try to sync a music file to it, the screen stays stuck on “Converting file.” Until I click cancel. Then an error message comes up and says my device is running to slowly for the operation. Any thoughts?

The message “converting file” is key to this issue.  What format is the output file?  Did you rip the files from CD using Windows Media Player?  You might have selected something that isn’t supported, like Windows Media Pro.

Where are the music files sourced from?  We need a little more detail on those source files first.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

Hay, if you know the files are in Spec…(mp3’s and resonable bit rate…24k-160k) then use what I picked up here in this foeium…Free Microsofts SyncToy 2.1… I use my Fuze 8gig + for Podcasts with a 8 Gig uSD Card also and both are  close to full. I just got back form a 6 week RV Vacation (I’m retired) and take tons of podcasts with me. My Delema before was to manually load the Sansa  and manually delete podcasts on my PC by comparing each Podcast folder with 2 Windows Explorer windows open at a Time, One for the PC and the Other for the Fuse + When I Took the Advise in another Subject in this Forium Boy was my Life Easier. First put the Fuze Plus USB Mode in MSC…Not Default MTC so the Internal and External Card if you have one will be assigned a drive letter.Then Use Disk Manager Service to assign a Higher Letter so each time you plug in the Fuse the Device and the card will always have the same drive letter. THEN Use SyncToy to do your syncing. Let me Tell You. When you get it all set up it will load all new podcasts to the Fuse and when you delete any podcasts it will delete them on the PC.  I keep the copies of the podcasts just incase you have to FORMAT the Fuze to get out from under a Total Crash…Happened to me Twice!. Afyer 6 Weeks of travel I come home Downbload all new Podcasts, Plug in the Fuze, Load Sync Toy, Use the “PREVIEW” Function to review what all its going to do so you knoiw your safe to Procede, And Bingo all is cleaned out and updated.  Be Sure to tell Sync Toy to Delete Files to the Recycle Bin Just incase!!!.. I Love SyncToy!!!