Have a 8gb Fuze w/8gb card; what is best way to remove duplicate mp3s..

I looked through about fifty pages and didn’t find the answer.

I have a 8gb Fuze w/additional 8gb removable card.  By mistake I’ve put some of the same songs on both drives.  What is the best way to remove these and if I do delete them, will it also mess up any added playlists? 

Thank you

Delete the ‘dupes’ via your computer. If you use the Fuze’s on-board Delete function, you risk freezing the unit up (known issue).

As far as the playlists are concerned, just make sure you delete the one that isn’t included on the list (if you can remember).

It might mess up your play lists, what I do is, My playt list is on the card, I go to songs, scroll thru and find duplicates, delete the one that is not on the card. If you have 2 on the card, then Im guessin youll have to fix your playlist as well after you remove the duplicates.

Connect it to your computer, bring up 2 seperate My Computer boxes, one for internal, one for exteranal, and scroll down…delete the dupes from one of the drives, and problem solved :smiley:

Edit: forgot you asked about playlists…pesky things I hardly use. Those you might have to re-do.

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Songbird (mozilla’s music player) has a plugin to find duplicates.  

@donp wrote:

Songbird (mozilla’s music player) has a plugin to find duplicates.  


Does it work for files already on a player? MediaMonkey will find dupes too, but I never tried using it to find files already on the player…great for cleaning up your music folders though.