Half the volume level cause of latest frimnware update


I installed firmware upgrade V01.01.35F on my Sanse Clip 4GB. Since then I have a problem with the volume. The maximum setting is not more than half the volume I had before the firmware upgrade.

There has already been a topic about this but the suggested solution doesn’t work for a Sansa clip. The solution was to change the region setting to a non european one. That is not possible on a clip, as far as i know. Is there a solution that gives me the old volume level again on my clip?

Thanks for your reply.

Witk hind regards

Aloys Sanders

Answered and solved in the separate thread with your post there.  In short, a solution to this:  reapply the latest firmware (see the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of the forum) and choose N. America or Rest of world when prompted to choose a region.  A Hi volume option should then appear in the Clip’s settings.