Gotta 2 GB card but can only copy 364 MBs of MP3s to my Shaker!


I bought a 2 GB SanDisk card and copied 188 MP3 songs (364 MBs), but when I try to copy more, I get an error message saying “Cannot copy : The directory or file cannot be created”.

Does anyone know why I can’t copy more songs? There’s still 1.48 GBs of free space on my SanDisk.


If the card is formatted FAT16 and you are putting them all in the “root” of the card, that could be your problem.  Use folders.

There is a limit to the number of filename entries allowed in the root of the file system.  It should be 512, but long filenames take up more than one entry, several if the name is particularly long.

I had the same problem, the other poster is correct, there is a limit, but there is also a very simple fix. Create a directory on the card called “Music” (without the quotes) and put all the songs in it, removes the root directory limit issue and the Shaker has no problem finding them. Had to do this for all my kids (3) shakers we have. Hope this helps :wink:

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Thanks for your replies – very helpful – will try it!