ScanDisk 2GB SD Card- Limiting the number of files

I have a new ScanDisk, 2GB SD card.  I am trying to copy about 150 mp3 files to the card.  There is plenty of memory to facilitate the storage, but I keep getting a message stating there is insufficient space on the card.  Even with 132 mp3 files on the card, I have only used 680 MB of space, with an available 1.17 GB of room.  Any ideas??

Are you trying to move (or copy) all 150 files at the same time? Maybe it’s a RAM isue with your computer. Try fewer files at a time.

are you trying to copy all the files to the root directory of the card? if so this is a limitation of the FAT16 file system. you can do either of the 2 things below to fix it

  1. reformat the card using FAT32 file system. 

  2. delete a file and create a folder and store the rest of the files in the folder. 

here is a FAQ about the issue

FAT Limitation

@jayryl wrote:

FAT Limitation


for FAT limitation.

Oh . . . wait a minute. That’s for FAT elimination! Never mind.