Can't seem to add more than 2 songs!!!

I bought my son the 512MB blue sansa shaker and have tried endless times to synchronize songs to it and have only been able to do 2 songs. I go into my windows media player and create a playlist to synchronize and it shows all the songs have been added to the device but only 2 play!!! And I make sure they are all MP3 player friendly. What is wrong here???

make sure that the files are actually MP3 files.  try formatting the card and re transfer the files again, formatting will delete all the contents of the card, basically starting from scratch

IF the files are WMA and need to be ripped again using WMP then hopefully this will help when adjusting the settings to .MP3

 -Open WMP    
     -Select Tools (May need to Right Click the title bar)
        -Choose Options and the Rip Music Tab
           -Under Rip Settings choose MP3 from the Format dropdown

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I’m having the same troubles. I’ve deleted the entire card a few times, did what was suggested, going into Options/Rip Music/MP3 and still I can only add half the songs I’m trying to add.

Any more suggestions? Thanks for the help!

make sure the songs aren’t protected (DRM-ed)

i don’t think the shaker supports that( could be wrong)
Edit: mp3 dosent support DRM Opps!

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