Good earphones for Clip?

Unfortunately the very good Sandisk earphones that my Clip originally came with are beginning to break down (one of the two doesn’t work most of the time) so I’m looking for a good pair earphones to replace them with. 

I’m looking for a pair of earphones that will make a good match with Clip, so I’d like to ask if you guys have any recomendations. Thanks.

I never use earbuds. I can’t stand those things. They block all other sounds like ear plugs, and they usually sound like ■■■■. So immediately after I bought my Clip+ and opened the box, as soon as I verified that it was functional (after shipping from Amazon) I tossed the earbuds that came with it in the trash without even trying them.

After I bought my Clip+ in 2014, I bought 2 pairs of Phillips headphones at CVS for $10 (on 2 for 1 sale for $20) that have a cross bar that goes over your ear and down by the base of your neck, making them fit perfect under a bicycle helmet. I used 1 pair for almost 4 years before the cord shorted out, so these cheap headphones were actually a pretty good deal at the price I paid for them.

However… As a musician, I have a pair of Sennheiser HD 650 Open Back Professional Headphones that work on the Clip+ just fine… They sound so good! But at $400, those headphones cost about 11 times what I paid for my Clip+… :slight_smile:

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You use HD 650 connected straight to Clip+ without extra amp? Interesting, I’d expect that such a high impedance and hard to drive headphone would require amplification in order to perform normally.

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Yes, I’m sorry, you’re quite right. I forgot to mention that I plug the Clip+ into my stereo, and the headphones are plugged into it whenever I am at home. Forgetting things has become my field of expertise in my old age. You can hear through the Sennheisers, but barely. The volume is very low even with the Clip+ volume all the way up. Since I usually use the Clip+ for when I’m on my bicycle, I have the volume set pretty low and I don’t like to change it because I always forget that if I don’t plug it into the stereo I would have to turn the volume all the way up to hear it at all, then I would forget I did that the next time I plug the Phillips headphones into it, and it’s extremely loud which I don’t like when I’m riding. Then I have to tinker with it to find the right volume level. After a ride, I always charged the Clip+ on a Royal PowerBurst PB10000 Rechargeable Battery, and rather putting it on pause, I plug it into the stereo and listen to it while it charges.

However, now that we’re on that subject, I will add that the stereo I’m talking about is far from a high end system. It’s a 20 plus year old RCA SA-155 Stereo Integrated Amplifier that I bought at a yard sale for $2. It’s definitely not on the same quality as the Sennheisers, but you don’t get much for $2 in the audio department… :slight_smile:

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