What earphones to buy for Clip+


I’m going to get Clip+ in few days and I know I should buy better eaprhones to fully expierience the sound of this player. What earphones are the best to use with Clip+? I want to spend about £20. I’m thinking about SoundMagic PL30, they seem to be good for the price.

Thanks in advance

You can start here

But bear in mind also that almost anyone (and everyone) who answers a query like this is going to recommend something different.

People have different levels of hearing, different frequency sensitivities, different tastes in sound and also music, different budgets, different size ears and canals, and different criteria for judging a product such as head, or earphones.

Have heard good things about the SoundMagic phones (although I haven’t used them myself).  Personally, I would spend more on the phones (although no need to go crazy, there–it’s amazing how expensive these things can get!) and consider them a long-term investment–they really can make a big difference, and a good pair should give you many hours/years of use.

Here are more opinions, reviews and specs than you can shake the proverbial stick at. An entire website and forums dedicated to the subject:


Anything But iPod’s headphone sub-forum is a font of info, as well.

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Thanks for the answers. :wink: I am going to look for the earphones on the forums you have given.

If you check out the fornt page at anythingbutipod.com, they have a review of a new in-ear phones–nicely regarded, that may fit your bill.

I like Sennheiser earphones. You need to decide if you want isolating canalphones, such as the Sennheiser CX series, or open air ones such as the MX series. Some people get both isolating and non isolating ones. The isolating ones are good on planes and trains, but might be dangerous to use when you are walking through traffic and at other times when you need to hear what is going on around you.

You can run any IEM’s you want with your new Clip+ up to 80ohm’s semi comfortably. So 32ohms and 16ohms isn’t a problem for the Clip+ Don’t underestimate it’s size it actually outputs a decent amount of power. I was running my Sony MDR V6 earlier today and they sounded ok, it wasn’t the best but it drives them easily enough.

Scrolling through songs isn’t as bad as one may think. I have 32GB of music on my Clip+, as you start scrolling it speeds up…1…2…3. etc etc. so you can zoom fairly well through folders, albums etc etc… I wouldn’t call it frustrating.

Personally I’m not an Apple fan, so I would not get another ipod they sound terrible compared to the Clip+ IMO.

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