headphones for clip

I am considering buying Sennheiser MX75 for use with my clip. These are 64ohm. Will they work ok or would lower impedence headphones work better? I mostly use the player at the gym and am soliciting suggestions for headphones that won’t easily fall of the ear.



i haven’t tried any 64ohms earphones for my clip so i can’t give you an answer if the clip’s amp is powerful enough for 64ohm… what i have is the CX400… i love it so much… i recommend you get this one :smileyvery-happy:

I extremely recommend my Sony’s MDR AS50… They are awsome and sound pretty good… (a little bass but still great)… anyway these are not for all head shapes so if you get the chance… try them…

I’ll put a vote in for my 2XL Wrecking Ball In-Ear Buds.  Great noise isolation, clear highs, and pretty good bass.  Paired with a FiiO E3 amp, they’re really killer.


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If you have the cash then go for the PXC450. I can’t imagine life without my pair…

I had this same dillema… I got Clip 4GB, looking great and playing music really well. I wanted a pair of headphones that match the qualty… I reserched a lot ( on www.head-fi.org ) and seattled down on ER6. They are not the cheapest but not super pricey either. You have to move to a custom EQ to bump the bass on those puppies, but after that… the sound is amazing.

You may also try SuperFi3. 

I actually have a pair of these and they work great with the Clip. Make sure you get the MX75 with the Twist Fit thing and not the regular MX70, those sound awful. Any of the Twist Fit Senns sound great.

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