Goes quiet all of a sudden

Rarely when I’ve just finished listening to a song and I choose another, the volume completely drops to about half the volume. I can notice straight away by changing the EQ when all of a sudden volume will be normal again. I’ve had this problem since the previous update.

same here… :frowning:

Hmmm… The same thing happened to me just a while ago. When the song changed, the volume dropped down significantly. After I pressed the “Volume Up” button, it jumped back to its original setting. It only happened once so far; let us hope it’s only a random glitch. :neutral_face:

I think it’s just a rare glitch which only occurs when a song is finishing and you choose another song right after the first song ends. Sometimes when I select a new song after one songs has just finished the new song doesn’t play - I have to press the play button myself which is odd.

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