Go List Question

Am I missing something, or is it normal that I am unable to continuously play all songs in a go list without having to move to the next song and select it? It seems to play the same song over and over again unlike when you play from the music list, you can use the shuffle mode and it will keep laying all songs in the memory. I have created two go lists with a different genre in each and would like to just be able to start on song # 1 and be able to hear all of them in the list without having to select each one.

And you don’t have a repeat option selected, right?

The Go List should proceed from one song to the next automatically.

My bad! I have been playing music prior to creating the go list directly out of the Music folder and it has always played all songs continuously. Upon checking the repeat option, I found it was enabled. I disabled it and it is now playing songs continuously in the go list.

One thing of note is that the manual shows that you can create playlists on the Clip Sport. I tried this procedure and it absolutely did not work. After contacting support, I was told that the card sport does not support the MTP mode required to support playlists generated from Windows Media Player. The manual should be updated to indicate this.

Thanks for the solution!

Aren’t simple solutions just the best?   :wink: