old person that just got a sport clip 8gb

i had a 32gb micro card with different folders & names of singers so i just stuck it in my sport clip and it does show up when i cycle thru and get to internal storage and external storage where they are all located.

when i play a song it says" copy to go list"

first of all i dont know what the go lists are  for

secondly they must be about 200 songs distributed in my folders and i dont see a way to batch send them to go list

what would the go list do that i cant do my scrolling to external mem card when i want to play music?


toothless and hearing impaired in los angeles

I like to use the 3 GoLists for a few songs that I want to hear without a lot of searching and scrolling.

   Kind of like my weekly personal favorites.

I do not know of a way to manage these 3 lists using a PC (or Mac).

Maybe take a look at my brief discussion of a batch command method to make m3u playlists ftom a collection of subfolders of music files in the player or the micro SD card.