Playlist questions

I bought this Clip Sport for Christmas for my 82 year old, technophobic mother.  I spent all day today creating seven lists of music on my mac (Classical, Christmas, 1930s/40s, 1950s/60s,  etc.) and loaded the music onto the Clip Sport, only to discover that it’s one big random list of 300 songs.   

Multiple questions re: playlists:

  1. I see that you can create lists in Windows.  Is there really no way to create lists on a mac?  
  2. If moving the songs into GoLists on the device, do you really have to move one song at a time, or is there some way to designate the GoList for an entire album? 
  3. Can you really only have three GoLists?
  4. Is there any way to rename the GoLists to indicate what’s in them?

The device will be overwhelming and useless to my mom unless the songs are in lists, and it will take me many hours to move the songs one-by-one.  Please help.  

UPDATE:  After a much-needed break I found the playlists I had created in Folders / Playlists , so do not despair, Mac users!