Go_Lists and Playlists

Mornin’ All,

Running into a problem(s): 

1.  Go Lists are “full”

2.  Playlist selection only shows “Go Lists”

3.  The playlists I have created(folders only in the Folder selection) don’t show up in “Playlists”

I’ve gone into the unit thru the computer to do this and have tried to find the “Go Lists 1-3” to no avail.  the only folders I can access thru the comp are useless in this aspect.  Is there a reader available for the various *.lib files…maybe the Go Lists are there whereupon I can edit them…make more room in them and or rename them to what I WANT.

Questions then:

1.  How do I make more room in the Go Lists???

2.  How do add MY playlists to the “Playlist” folder where the Go Lists are???

Thanx to all for any considerations/comments

BTW: I’ve gone thru page 8 looking for an answer to no avail…got tired at that point.  Other than the above problems I think this ClipSport is one “hotlick” item…i.e. I really like it!  Puts up with sweating in the gym, falling, good robust cord…and really easy to navigate…other than the above.


As far as I know the playlists have to be in the «Music» folder, not in the «Playlist» folder. Maybe shifting them there also makes room for Go Lists (?).