gibberish chinese characters in sansa fuze


I just bought a new sansa fuze and downloaded some chinese songs…but some of the characters are readable whereas some are squares and funny signs…how should i go about it so that the fuze will display all chinese characters correctly.

Thank you.


Edit the id3 tags of your songs, and used chinese character on the id3 tags.

hi jayryl

thanks for your reply.

can you explain what is a id3 tag, and how to go about changing it.

i am fairly new to all these, so i need some detail help.

edit: when i look at the folder that i put in the songs, all the chinese characters are ok.  it is only when i play the song, that all the funny characters came out.


ID3 tags are electronic labels in the files: Album, Artist, Title, etc. That’s where your Fuze gets those listings.

They are, unfortunately, not standardized, and there are different ways for the characters to be encoded–that is, how it tells the processor to display them. Unicode, or UTF, which is often used when CDs are ripped to mp3 on Apple computers, can show up those Chinese characters on the Fuze. The Fuze is made to work with Windows encoding, not Unix (Apple) encoding.

It’s easy to fix the tags with the free program mp3tag. Download it from that link.

When you install mp3tag, allow it to add itself to context menus (checkbox during install). Open it and go to  Tools/Options/Tag/Mpeg. Set Write to  ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1. (That is Windows character encoding–you’ll also see UTF-8 and UTF-16, but you don’t want them.)

With every album I put on the Fuze, I first open it in mp3tag, (Right-click on the folder, mp3tag is among the options). Make sure the files are in playing order, top to bottom. (You may need to click on the Track header.) Highlight them all, go to Tools/Auto-numbering Wizard and choose the Leading Zeroes option. This will number the files 01,02, 03–which the Fuze also prefers–and will save them as ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 tags, since that was the default you set.

It takes a few seconds per album, and it clears up tag troubles. Take your problem albums off the Fuze and disconnect it, so it will fix its listings. Then run the albums  through mp3tag and put them back on.

Hi Black Rectangle

Thanks for your reply.

I just realize that the gibberish chinese character is not because of sansa fuze.  It is because of windows media player.

I can read all the chinese characters on my computer, including the song title etc.  But once I play it on windows media player, the gibberish chinese character appear.  It only happens to certain songs and not all and I do not know why.

Guess i have to start googling for the problem.

Thanks .


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