Getting Itunes from computer to clip plus

I an not techincally savvy and can’t seem to get a straight answer on this.  Is there a way to get itunes music that has been downloaded to a computer on to the clip plus? I know that you can burn to a CD and then rip from the CD.  I have seen some people indicate that you can right click on the itunes playlist and convert to a format that can be dragged to the clip plus but when I right click on the itunes list it does not give an option to convert to MP3 format, only to aac format.  Again I don’t get all the technical terms so if someone could explain the options I would appreciate it. Thanks.

I believe it’s done through an iTunes setting, and it may be an “import” setting (I’ve never quite followed that, myself).  I have seen instructions posted on the Internet that you should be able to find through a search engine search; I think I’ve also posted links here before (within the last month or so, even). 

One source I just found (I don’t use iTunes and so haven’t checked this out):

On iTunes, under “Advanced” you will see, “Convert Selection to MP3” which will convert all tunes presently selected.

Also, if you want to bring new music in as MP3, go to “Edit”, “Preferences”, “Advanced”, “Importing”. Then select Import Using "MP3 Encoder. Then, all new music you bring in from CD will be in MP3 format. You will have to convert others if they weren’t brought in as MP3. Tunes you purchase from the iTunes Store cannot be converted in this manner. You would have to burn to a CD and bring back in.

You can try a search engine search on “export itunes songs to mp3 format”.

Here’s a DUH - open an explorer window that shows your player. Open iTunes. Highlight the songs you want on your Sansa. Drag them to the player. Done.

Works on my Mac, anyway - too bad my Sansa player doesn’t work as well. (POS died on me yesterday).

IF the files are in a format the Clip+ can handle.  That does not include aac files.

Transcoding AAC (lossy) itunes format to mp3 (lossy) will degrade the final output quality (by a minor percent). If the AAC itunes library is encoded in >192kbps bitrate format, I recommend using VBR2 format or better. (bitrate should be same or higher). The primary rule is that mp3 bitrate generally should be higher than the source AAC.

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